Ibiza and Columbretes sail and dive charter

Our Ibiza and Columbretes sailing and diving liveaboard holidays are a surprising plan for long weekends or public bank holidays.

Among others, we will live the adventure of a crossing through the Mediterranean. Moreover, we will experience what it is like to living aboard a sailboat for three days. In addition, we will have the chance to dive in marine reserves and isolated spots. On the other hand, we will be able to explore hidden coves on kayak, to go snorkeling or even to explore the underwater world taking one of our PADI diving courses.

Summing up, it is a unique crewed sailboat charter which combines the best of both sailing and diving.

Ibiza and Columbretes sailing and diving liveaboard holidays

3 days sail and dive itinerary

As a general rule, this is the itinerary for our 3 days Ibiza and Columbretes sailing and diving liveaboard holidays. However, the final schedule (and meal timings) will depend on the weather conditions, group preferences, etc. Therefore, the given schedule is approximate. In addition, keep in mind that there are many options for such an adventure. Consequently, we will do our best to customize the adventure for accomplishing with everyone’s expectations.


20:00 Boarding and accommodation in cabins. (Burriana Port, Castellón)
21:00 On board safety briefing.
21:30 Dinner.
00:00 Departure towards Ibiza. Night sailing (about 12 hours). We can relax ourselves in the starlight, sleep at the cabin or take part at sailing.

Ibiza and Columbretes sailing and diving liveaboard holidays - 3 days itinerary
Columbretes Islands sailing and diving liveaboard holidays
Ibiza and Formentera Sailing and diving holidays. Crewed yacht charter liveaboard

Option: Possibility to spend saturday evening – night in San Antonio de Portmany.

Ibiza Diving liveaboard Spain


9:30 Breakfast while sailing.
13:30 1st dive at “The Gorgonians” in Bledas Islands or at S’Espartar.
15:00 Lunch at the nearby Comte beach.
18:00 We set course towards Ses Balandres (1h 25 min). In addition, we can enjoy an outstanding sunset.
21:30 Dinner.


07:30 Breakfast.
09:00 2nd dive at Ses Margalides.
10:30 Sailing towards Cala Albarca (30 min).
Towards the 3rd dive, we can choose among two options: Firstly, “The Columns of Hercules and The Cave of the Light” . On the other hand, Murada Island.
14:30 Lunch.
16:30 Departure towards Cala Xuclá. On arrival, we will be able to explore the surroundings by Kayak or have a mojito at the beach bar. In addition, we can enjoy a great sunset.
20:00 Dinner.
22:00 We set sail towards Columbretes Islands (9h 30 min /10/h).


08:00 Arrival to Columbretes Islands and breakfast.
09:30 Time to do our 4th dive.
We have several options:

1. 5th dive + guided walk up to the lighthouse, from where to enjoy a spectacular landscape of volcanic nature (if possible, since the visit to the island has a daily quota). We would arrive to port at abaout 20:00/20:30.
2. 5th dive (no guided walk). Therefore, we would arrive to port at abaout 18:30/19:00.
3. Guided walk, but no 5th dive. Consecuently, arrival to port at about 18:30/19:00.


  • The crossing Columbretes – Burriana is about 5h30 min / 6h (lunch while sailing).
  • Monday dinner is not included.

Till next adventure!

Divers requirements for Columbretes Islands

  • Diving certification.
  • Original ID/Passport.
  • Diving insurance (you can hire it with us).
  • Diving log book with a minimum of 25 registered dives. Last dive must have been realized within the last year.
  • Medical certificate dated within the last two years.
Columbretes Islands sailing and diving liveaboard holidays on a sailboat