Diving liveaboard in Spain

Diving liveaboard in Spain on a sailboat

Diving liveaboard in Spain?. Yes, without doubt one of the best ways to enjoy diving holidays in the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, our proposal is to combine sailing and diving liveaboard holidays on a unique experience on our sailboat! Therefore, you will have all the necessary ingredients to live an authentic adventure.

However, a diving liveaboard in Spain is not usually the most usual option when it comes to diving liveaboard trips. In fact, specialized travel agencies tend to focus more on other seas and oceans. However, we believe Mediterranean Sea is, unfairly, a great forgotten when it comes to this kind of travel.

For this reason, we want to review why a scuba diving liveaboard in Spain is a great idea for your vacation with friends or family.

Diving liveaboard in Spain: Balearic and Columbretes Islands

There are many good diving spots in Spain. However, our diving liveaboard in Spain sailing holidays are centered on Balearic and Columbretes Islands.

Privileged environment

First of all, we must point out the obvious! For instance, crystal clear waters (should many other diving destinations be jealous) and a privileged environment.

Luckily, in the Balearic Islands we have a wide range of possibilities. From inaccessible coves from shore (northern Ibiza or Tramuntana coast in Mallorca), to long sandy beaches of turquoise waters (Es Trenc in Mallorca or Illetes in Formentera).

In addition, we can not forget the incredible rock formations and cliffs in any of the Islands. Especially along the Tramuntana Coast in Mallorca, as well as the volcanic formations of Columbretes Islands.

Diving liveaboard in Spain - Ibiza and Formentera
Sailboat diving charter Tramuntana Mallorca
Ibiza Diving liveaboard Spain

Marine reserves and national parks

Nowadays, we have a great variety of reserves and protected waters. For example, the volcanic archipelago of Columbretes Islands, which thanks to its isolation it is a true paradise for diving.

Among others, in the Balearic Islands we have amazing spots such us Toro Island Marine Reserve in Mallorca. In addition, we will never get bored of diving in the North of Menorca Marine Reserve. Moreover, in the Freus of Ibiza and Formentera Marine Reserve, we will find spectacular dives as «The Platform».

Finally, we must mention the amazing Cabrera Archipelago National Park, where in addition to diving, we will have the opportunity to do a variety of guided walks. Moreover, we always recommend staying overnight, moored to one of the buoys of its natural port (one of the best in the whole Mediterranean).

All in all, life, wrecks and topography of these marine reserves will not leave indifferent any diver or sailor.

Ibiza PADI Advanced Open Water Diver liveaboard + Formentera + Columbretes
Ibiza sailing and diving yacht charter

Meteorology and safety at sea

General speaking, in the Balearic Islands and especially in Ibiza and Formentera, it is difficult that meteorology ruins the diving trip we had been waiting for so long.

Normally, since they are relatively small islands, if the weather forecast in a part of the island is bad, we can sail to the opposite side in a reasonable time and knowing that the conditions will be optimal for diving. Therefore, it is rare the occasion in which we will be forced to stop diving because of the weather.

In fact, an essential aspect of a diving liveaboard in Spain, is the safety provided by both the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency and the magnificent coverage of lighthouses, maritime signaling and radio navigation notices. In our opinion, we have a treasure in this aspect in Spain since it is an excellent service. All precautions are just not enough when it comes to sailing.

To finish with, a fundamental aspect regarding to safety in diving is the availability of professional hyperbaric chambers, as we do in the Balearic Islands.

Close at hand

In conclusion, we can point out that if you travel from the Spanish Mainland and join us at Burriana Port (Castellón), you will have the opportunity to save yourself expenses regarding to traveling with diving equipment, flights, etc. In addition, if you come togheter with several friends or relatives by car, it is as easy as parking at the port entrance and get on board.

Even though you are flying in from another country, Valencia or Castellon airports are both convenient. Moreover, we can arrange a fixed and fair rate for a taxi for a more comortable transfer to our port.

Ibiza and Columbretes sailing and diving liveaboard holidays

Sailing and diving liveaboard holidays – yacht charter

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